Marketing vs Public Relations vs Advertising

People get confused as to the difference and similarities of the three activities. Marketing is different from Public Relations. So is Advertising different from Public Relations. Same thing goes with Public Relations and Advertising, that though people might look to it similarly, but the two are … [Read More...]

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Video Camera

Defining Video Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate and Video System

You may seen or encountered one or two of the following terms like Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate and Video System. In video production (broadcasting, as well), you surely need to know how each mean and differ. Each term plays a significant role video production, and I will discuss it briefly here. Video Resolution (Display […]


Shooting: What Shot to Call?

In video production, you don’t just point the camera anywhere and record it. One has to think of the shots he or she is going to make. Whether you’re an producer, director, writer or cameraman, or production assistant, you have to know the basics of camera works. A SHOT is the basic and smallest unit […]