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Choose To Blog or Not To Blog?

By Posted on 3 m read

In the advent of social media, blogging is not anymore an option for business people, professionals and even for students. I believe that blogging is platform that everyone should take advantage of. No matter what the purpose would be, there’s a good reason why you should be blogging in today’s world.

So, let’s start with the motivation on why you should blog:



If you are a businessman or professional, chances are you want to promote yourself as someone knowledgeable, dependable and most of all, credible in your field. Not only it wins you clients, but also gain respect from your colleagues in the trade.

Blogging is a platform for professionals to showcase skills, talents and portfolio online. It is a great way to reach prospective clients 24 x 7, anywhere in the world.

It can also elevate your standing in the industry by letting your insights in the open can create an opportunity to be a thought leader in the respective field.

Whatever trade or profession you might be, blogging is a no-brainer medium for you to take advantage of. Whether you’re a newcomer in the industry wanting to get a crack on good deals or a veteran itching to get bigger deals

Making yourself more active online and letting more people to know your thoughts and works more, opens more opportunity for you to work on.

Building your brand online as a professional or businessman is a MUST in today’s fast, dynamic world. And blogging is a great tool to put you on that track.

So put blogging in your professional arsenal.



With almost all the time in the world, blogging is a good thing to start.

Many of the active online users are young. Creating a blog gives you much leverage to reach out to so many people.

Blogging can work both ways for you as a content provider while you’re young. Many of the popular bloggers and vloggers started out young. Being an online content provider can work both ways for young people.

Blogging can open opportunities for young people to build on. Either set-up yourself for internet stardom or future career or business, starting off by sharing your thoughts and experiences online.

If you are a college student, showcasing your ideas and finished projects from school gives you an opportunity to show-off your potentials. And when the time comes that you apply for a job, your prospective employer have a gauge of your potential, rather than not having any idea of whatever you can do.

This, I believe, gives you a better standing, compared to totally having no clue of what you have to offer. In this world that companies need “professional experiences” from applicants, fresh graduates have a better fighting chance to land a job in prospective employers.

While for others, the hobby of sharing their lives online is an opportunity to build their own brand around it and becomes an icon for other to follow. Students have the advantage of time and human resource to build an early foundation should internet “stardom” is the goal.

As many of the young right now are seeing the internet as a gateway to popularity. This is not an impossible thing to do, but, it is not going to be easy as more people are getting into it. However, starting young is always an advantage.



Blogging evens the field. It rewards the skilled and hardworking individuals who want to get their thoughts out in the open. For professionals and business people, blogging create an environment to reach out to clients and opportunities that would never seem possible decades ago. While students can take advantage to build their career as content providers or a hopeful professional in their field.

No matter what your age, profession and wherever you are, take advantage of having your own voice and place online, start sharing your thoughts.

Document it.

Start as soon as you can.

No excuses.

Make time.


So, the better question is:



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