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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now

By Posted on 0 2 m read

After watching the latest Alien movie instalment, my son recently had a binge for top and popular movies and TV series in the 80s and 90s. We stumbled on one old TV series that I find really funny when I was watching it back then.The series about Larry Appleton and his Cousin Balki Bartacamus living together in Chicago. The series was “Perfect Strangers

More than the funny lines and heart-warming lessons at the end of each episode, I find its theme song to be really, really good. Written by David Pomeranz, entitled, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” the song reflects about ones inspiration amidst the challenges of life.

PERFECT STRANGERS, (from left): Bronson Pinchot, Mark Linn-Baker, 1986-93. © Lorimar Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Below is the song’s lyrics and a video of the opening theme song.

I hope you will find the song inspiring as much as it do me.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now

Sometimes the world looks perfect,
Nothing to rearrange.
Sometimes you just get a feeling
Like you need some kind of change.
No matter what the odds are this time,
Nothing’s going to stand in my way.
This flame in my heart,
Like a long lost friend
Gives every dark street a light at the end.

Standing tall, on the wings of my dream.
Rise and fall, on the wings of my dream.

The rain and thunder
The wind and haze
I’m bound for better days.
It’s my life and my dream,
Nothing’s going to stop me now.
(Nothing’s going to stop me)
It’s my life and my dream,
Nothing’s going to stop me now.

Nothing’s going to stop me now.


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