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We Walk on a Virtual Sand

By Posted on 2 m read

The things you do online leaves trails.

Before, when using the internet is just about browsing for information, the details were just about IP addresses.

But now, with the internet being more social, there is more to just pages visited, the trails that users leave online are more vital and personal than ever – making information more detailed.

This is why, personally, I am advocating for a more responsible internet usage, especially on our role as passive and active influence to others. In this regard, that I’d you to think that the social web is more of a “VIRTUAL SAND” that we step on daily.

Each time we use the internet is a step on that virtual sand. That virtual sand is a vast space that everyone is stepping on while waiting for the big entertainment of big surging waves on the internet. And every time we step on this virtual sand, other people can be walking behind us and see our trails. Or it can be that we are following other peoples’ digital footprints.

This case being, that I encourage everyone to be more responsible users of the social web. As we do not know who may be following our trails online. It is not as if like trails for the authorities to find legally liable or not, rather, the influence we make on others.

As one study says, even the most introvert person can influence at least 100 person in his or her lifetime, what more one can influence in the midst of the growing social web?

And this, I find to be a very big responsibility.

Whether you like it or not, you have influence on others with the things you post online.

The footprints you leave on the internet can and will affect other people. Either you educate, inform, entertain, advocate other people or be a douche online is your choice. Just be mindful that you leave your footprints behind.

So, every time you use the internet, be mindful of the prints you leave for others to see and on the trails your following online.



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